What SOMA can do for you.
SOMA Neuromuscular Integration is an established method of deep structural bodywork that can have a profound effect on your comfort and energy level, and even, if desired, change the way you live your life. The method is grounded in sound physiological and psychological principals about mind-body connectedness.

In SOMA we work together to release the tension and blockages in your body's connective tissue that cause pain and restricted function. SOMA can create relief from the aches and pains induced by aging, injury, gravity and stress.

Many people find that after the eleven SOMA treatments they enjoy greater energy levels, and enhanced balance and stamina. Because SOMA gently removes the blockages that cause chronic tension and rigidity, you will become freer, healthier, more creative and more resilient.

How SOMA works
SOMA includes deep tissue body work, movement-training, exercises and educational materials that help progressively realign the body by releasing the body's connective tissue, or fascia. SOMA releases the tissue that gets stuck together from age, from not being used, from overuse or from injury.

Think of the body as a piece of fabric. When one side is pulled, the other is distorted and reacts. SOMA releases the body's old and often pain-filled compensation patterns allowing structural alignment and balance to occur as well as greater freedom of movement and breath.

Balancing and re-organizing the body also has an affect on neurology. Many clients experience greater levels of personal sef-reliance as their structure becomes stronger and more self-supporting.

In SOMA, the client is very much a participant. Your level of engagement greatly influences your experience of the work. We are allies in creating the desired changes. The more you can relax, move with the work and follow through with the exercises, the greater the resulting change.

My SOMA clients range from children to Octogenarians, and include:

  • athletes
  • architects
  • real estate agents
  • construction workers
  • artists
  • executives
  • golfers
  • equestrians
  • stay-at-home parents
Essentially everyone can benefit from this work.
The 11 SOMA Sessions
You will begin to experience change after the first session, and the positive changes continue well after the last session, as the body continues to self-heal and integrate.
Session One
Frees tissue surrounding the ribcage enabling fuller, deeper breathing. You will experience feelings of lightness, a more upright posture and increased energy.
Session Two
The focus is on lower legs and feet, giving a sense of being grounded.
Session Three
This session lengthens the sides of the body from the ears to the knees, with attention to the lower back. The focus is on freeing the breath in the sides and back for better relaxation and greater energy.
Sessions Four, Five and Six
These core sessions alter the center line relieving knee and back pain and creating a flowing ease of movement, strength and flexibility.
Session Seven
Releases the neck, head and shoulders: creating a softer look. You will feel and be taller and experience feelings of personal power and self-reliance.
Sessions Eight, Nine and Ten
These sessions are the key to the lasting effects of SOMA. This work integrates all the layers of the body to work more efficiently, resulting in improved balance and better alignment with gravity.
Session Eleven
Releases all the joints in an integrative manner for greater energy, vitality, efficiency and well-being.
About the Practitioner
Carolyn Krieg, CSP, LMP is a member of the International Association of Structural Integrators (the IASI), the Associated Bodywork Professionals, a trained SOMA Practitioner of Neuromuscular Integration and a Somassage Therapist certified by the SOMA Institute of Buckley, Washington. #MA18225