"At the age of 66, I wasn't ready to give over my life to persistent, debilitating pain, depression and social withdrawal. Medications, physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic provided only temporary relief. SOMA Therapy has had a dramatic impact. I am taller by two inches, twenty degrees straighter, much stronger, more confident, optimistic and decisive; best of all, my pain is reduced by at least 90 percent. SOMA can't cure my arthritis, scoliosis or the neuropathy that followed my stroke, but it has given me control over my body's aches and pains and a chance to rediscover vitality and pleasure."
Nancy McMann, former high school principal
"SOMA is essential for dressage riders. It greatly improved my seat by loosening my tight lower back and hips. SOMA reduced my stress level and increased my energy and stamina. I don't hurt anymore."
Julie Pinasco, game warden and dressage competitor
"Though I didn't have any significant physical problems, I found the SOMA work to be very beneficial in improving my outlook on life. My body has felt much more aligned and balanced, my joints move more freely and without previous pain, and these effects have lasted. The sessions also released some long pent up emotions and as a result I find it easier to be myself and my relationships have greatly improved. I felt very satisfied with the expertise, knowledge, and caring of the practitioner and found it easy to put my trust in her talented hands and mind."

F. Eugene Tompkins, architect

"SOMA has helped my horseback riding and competing in the manner that I am more balanced and less tense. After SOMA, I have been feeling free in every way. I am no longer stiff after I ride. SOMA is the best!"
Raquel Davalos, horseback rider, age nine
"SOMA is the "magical touch" to put the body and mind back in the space where it is supposed to be. The result is nothing short of spectacular." "Former stressed out person with too many things on her mind and no place/space to be in until SOMA."
Marsha Trockman, (Coldwell Banker Bain, Relocation Specialist)
"SOMA removed the pain that was near constant in my hips. I have gone from being unable to sleep at night to sleeping through the night. I can walk freely now, squat and bend over and stand for extended periods of time without my hips locking up or being sore. The "monster" muscle group over my shoulders has been relieved. The relaxation and exercise techniques that I learned during SOMA help me deal with my stress and not take it out on my body. An exercise program is something I am now able to contemplate because I am not sore with every step and I don't fear that I will be. My feet stopped swelling and hurting all the time. They haven't hurt since session 6 or 7.
Heidi Davalos, John L. Scott, Residential Specialist
"I tried massage and chiropractic care to relieve the chronic pain and tension in my neck and shoulder. While the other therapies provided temporary relief, SOMA has treated the underlying structure to produce lasting change. "
Kim Hamilton, Writer

About the Practitioner
Carolyn Krieg, CSP, LMP is a member of the International Association of Structural Integrators (the IASI), the Associated Bodywork Professionals, a trained SOMA Practitioner of Neuromuscular Integration and a Somassage Therapist certified by the SOMA Institute of Buckley, Washington. #MA18225